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   Our scooters are portable and lightweight with rechargeable batteries, making them a reliable mode of personal transportation. Each scooter weighs just 22lbs and folds easily. When you’re not riding. just hook it on a backpack to carry with you. or pop it on a hook until you’re ready to ride again. Great for the Boating and RV community – ride to sightseeing spots. the beach or lake. restaurants. and more. It’s also a great alternative to public transportation. Hop on and ride to wherever you’re going. fold it up when you’re not riding. and it’s ready to go again when you are. We like to provide easy transportation for people who have to commute in high traffic places. 781-706-8357 or email at sales@theelectricscooterfactory.com. The Electric Scooter Factory manufactures and sells durable, high-quality electric scooters for adults. The electric scooter factory 273 Weymouth ST Rockland MA 02370
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