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Made in America
*super strong carbon fiber *only 22 pounds *up to 22 MPH. *Your own personal transportation
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*hang it up on a coat rack *in school *on the train *on a Bus *on a boat
Going RVing don't forget your scooter, that Walmart maybe only two miles down the road but it's a long walk. So take your scooter and when you get to the walmart fold it up and put it on the rack under the shopping cart. When you come out just unfold it and hang your shopping bag over the handlebars and off you go.
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We will Powder coat your scooter any color you like just type in the 'note' box at check out what color you would like
Free shipping $779.00
Gloss White Electric Scooter
Free shipping $779.00
Gloss Gold Electric Scooter
Free shipping $779.00
Gloss Yellow Electric Scooter
Free shipping $779.00
Gloss Red Electric Scooter
Free shipping $779.00
Semi Gloss Black Electric Scooter
Free shipping $779.00
Gloss Blue Electric Scooter
Free shipping $779.00
Gloss Orange Electric Scooter
Free shipping $22.85
Helmets Red
Free shipping $22.95
Helmets Blue
Free shipping $22.95
Helmets White
Free shipping $22.95
Yellow Helmet
Free shipping $9.95
Combination lock
Scooter Back Pack (On Back order)
  NOTE; CLICK TO FAR RIGHT FOR PARTS LISTING Yes we have the parts in stock where the manufacturer
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