Q: How do you lock the scooter when using it in a city?

A: You can purchase a combination lock from us then you put the lock thru the rear tire. This works best when the scooter is folded up, then put it around any stationary secure pole like on a coat rack. Note: locking out the computer will not let anyone use the scooter but the person stealing the scooter will not know that and still will take the scooter and when they find it will not work do you really think they will bring it back?

Q: We love our two scooters and use them often throughout the summer and some here in Florida where our boat is for the winter. We are having trouble getting them to charge. First, one and then both. First, if we wiggled the cord around we’d get a connection and they’d charge. Now I can’t get either of them to connect to the chargers. All connections look clean. Any idea why this is happening? Is it something you’ve experienced on other ones? Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

A: It could be the chargers. We will send you one try and let us know if that fixes the problem, if not then we will take the scooters back and fix whatever it is under Warranty.

Q: I’m back in Florida and the new charger you sent works great on both scooters. Would it be possible to get a second charger replacement for the second scooter? Would you like me to send the defective ones back? Any ideas on what we may have done that could have contributed to the chargers going?

A: Very good to hear that was the problem do not send it back and we will send you another one. The only thing I can think of is maybe too high of voltage if you don’t have an inverter on your boat try getting a 110 volt one from Walmart there very cheap make sure you get the one that has a 12 volt lighter plug. Also, you can use it in your car to charge the scooters.