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Featherlight Electric Scooter Featherlight Mk1 Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Scooter
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Our Featherlight™ Mk1 Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Scooter for adults is made in USA.  At 22 lbs, and up to 16 miles range, the Mk1 is the lightest long range electric scooter available. This folding electric scooter features no exposed cable or wires and has a maximum speed of 19 MPH. When Braking the battery is recharged in regen mode.  The electric scooter is easily hung on a peg or coat rack using our included S hook- so you can take this scooter just about anywhere you want to go. With a combined loading weight of 225 pounds (both you and what you carry along), this scooter is up to just about anything you can think to do.

Blue Aluminum Scooter Featherlight Mk2 Folding Electric Scooter
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Price $779.00 -$100.00 Regular price $879.00

MADE IN THE USA. FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL ELECTRIC SCOOTERS. The Electric Scooter Factory's New Featherlight Mk2 Aluminum Folding Electric Scooter for Adults comes with Regen and Front and Rear Suspension is available in eight exciting colors. Folds and unfolds in under 1 second. This new Featherlight electric scooter platform features no exposed cable or wires and regenerative braking which means that when you slow down, the power feeds back to the battery system and gives you an increased range of travel.  With a maximum speed of 19 MPH at just 24 LBS and a maximum range 16 miles, you can ride all day When folded, the Featherlight Mk2 Scooter measures a sleek 43" long by 9" high and  6" wide.